The data volume inherent to music streaming and downloading has become unmanageable for stores, labels and artists. Businesses have to settle royalties in good faith since they have no means to verify the data.
Until now.

Legitary checks your music download and streaming data.

Is your music data legit?

When it comes to money, you should not rely on trust only. Legitary checks music streams and download data and thus enables stores, lables and artists to:

  • Validate the accuracy of huge amounts of streaming and download data
  • Detect possible technical and human error as well as attempts of fraud
  • Identify should-be values and missing royalties on store and song level
  • Provide transparency to all business partners


We use scientific methods that are peer reviewed by international researchers and offer 92% accuracy. A value that will increase fast, as we employ machine learning, refining our results with every analysed data set.

Detect possible errors and fraud attempts

Have your data analysed and see at a glance how sales developed in the different platforms and stores. Red lines represent deviations from regular patterns and indicate possible errors and fraud attempts. Any missing amounts are listed in a table per store and song. You gain control over your data and are able to react accordingly.

Our scientists analysed hundred millions of data records accumulated over 15 years in digital music distribution. Using machine learning, we developed an alogrithm, that puts streams and downloads from one platform in relation to others. It enables us to calculate the expected value on store and song level, compare it to the reported value and thus detect possible errors and fraud attempts.

Detailed List of missing amounts
Detailed plots on the underlying statistical method
Plot of total sales on each music platform and according red lines
Detailed plots on the underlying statistical method


Is your data legit? Find out now!

Let your music streaming and download data be validated and detect possible errors and fraud attempt. In order the results to be significant, we need data over a minimum period of 24 months and for at least 3 different stores. We accept most standard data formats, for further details please contact us.

Request a quotation now!The costs depend on the amount and complexity of the data.